Anonymous: Hi... I'm 5'10" tall and I weight 132lbs. How can I lose fast some weight? (:

Actually, it is a pretty good weight for you, but if you want to lose some, you should try to reduce your calorie intake.

Anonymous: Hey! I'm 14, weigh 58 kg and 5'0. And whenever people hear how much I weigh they get really shock so I've been trying to get taller and lose weight for almost 5 months but nothing has change. Is there something I can do to get taller, so my weight doesn't look that bad?

Your height will grow with your age, so in that case you’ll have to wait. However, you can try to eat healthier and exercise. That will help you.

Anonymous: I feel very over weight and round! Could you please help me! What exercises should I do and what should I eat!!!???? Please help me!

Best exercise for losing the whole body fat is running! You should stop eating any kind of pastry and animal fat (butter). Drink much water and try to consume about 1200calories each day.